The next phase in location aware applications? More real friends and fewer follows but all in context — With Sol Lipman from Rally Up.

For those of us that have been involved in the mobile world for a while location based or location aware applications aren’t new. In fact, LBS has been the holly grail of mobile ever since mobile came into being and, by all accounts, its time has finally come.

The most incredible part of an emerging market is the scramble of innovation that happens as new companies are formed and ideas are implemented. Enter Sol Lipman and his company Rally Up. Their focus is on creating a service geared towards real friends sharing location information — with a hint of event focus (i.e. planning to be somewhere vs. telling everyone you are already there). How does he compete is this burgeoning market? How does he differentiate Rally Up from the competitors? What’s his niche? Just a few of the questions we find out in this session.

Sol is a seasoned guy with a number of startups under his belt. He’s a pragmatic bootstrapper at the forefront of an early market. Lots of lessons to be learned here.

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About Sol Lipman
Sol LipmanAfter graduating University of California, Santa Cruz in 1995, Sol helped start Imagesmith, a very early web development firm whose clients included Disney, E*Trade, HP, the Go Network and Netscape. After Imagesmith he co-founded thedigs network which is credited as being one of the first social networks. thedigs was acquired by i-drive where Sol acted as Senior Product Manager.

During a fun, but brief stint in non-profit, Sol got his MBA at the University of Washington in Seattle and started Sticky Inc, which built stickydrive – a personalized environment for USB flash drives. Sticky was aquired by DeviceVM in 2007 and Sol took the role of Product Evangelist.

Sol is currently a co-founder of 12seconds, a pioneering company in the social video space. He is also the co-founder of Rally Up a new location-based social network for Real Friends.

Sol lives in Santa Cruz, is married to an awesome woman, has a rad kid, a dog and five exceptional chickens.

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