The iPad isn’t a bigger iPod or portable media player, it’s a kick-ass productivity tool according to Endloop’s Ken Seto

Forget what you thought of the iPad.

If you’ve bought into the whole “iPad as a media consumption device” conversation you haven’t looked close enough at companies like EndLoop and Entrepreneurs like Ken Seto.

Ken, and his brother Garry, have a different view of what this device means to business and creative types — hint: it’s not a passive device for viewing media, nor is it a simplified PC that you hand over to mom and dad, it is a full-fledged productivity tool and their lead in is iMockups.

Another Canadian company housing the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs who are bending the rules through mobile. Oh Canada is right!

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About Ken Seto
Ken SetoKen is the chief of creative at Endloop, a film geek, and an avid gamer.

With a background in interaction design and web development, his role at Endloop focuses on product development, marketing and interaction design.

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