The future of food label transparency will reside on your smartphone — with Paula Patrice, CTO of NutriSleuth

Every once in a while you stumble across a company where the driving force behind it is a genuine desire to help.

NutriSleuth is one of them.

In a nutshell (pun intended), NutriSleuth is a personal nutritionist that resides on your iPhone and makes sure you are as aware as possible to the contents of the food you ingest. It was designed to help those with allergies, chronic conditions, and lifestyle preferences (say, lowering salt intake for example).

As you watch this session you will see the earnestness in Paula Patrice, the company’s CTO, as she explain the way the idea was formulated, the complexity of implementing something that needs to be accurate 100% of the time and the time this endeavour has taken to get to market.

If you suffer from allergies or know someone who does, this product has the potential to be a breakthrough in the fight for food label clarity.


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About Paula Patrice
Paula Patrice
Paula Patrice is the forward-thinking owner of boutique development and consulting firm PPweb Technologies, a new breed of company culture in which clients are involved and educated during the development process, resulting in the ability to better verbalize their intentions and achieve goals faster.

PPweb Technologies’ latest success is pioneering NutriSleuth™, a mobile application and health profile self-management platform under development since July 2009. In partnership with Valerie Daley, Founder of NutriSleuth, Ms. Patrice has innovated the breakthrough filter technologies and processes that power the NutriSleuth platform.

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