How mobile is impacting the what, where, how and when of work with Sidneyeve Matrix was the official broadcast partner for the recent Mobile Innovation Week and this is one of the sessions we had while on location in Toronto.

In this sweeping and all too brief conversation, Sidneyeve Matrix dives deep into the massive shift that mobile is having on how, when and where we work. The impact is staggering – the effects of which haven’t been seen yet but they are coming and some will be good (it’s greener) and some bad (we are working longer hours) and all as a direct result of that device on your hip.


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About Sidneyeve Matrix
Sindeyeve Matrix

On campus I work as an Assistant Professor and Queen’s National Scholar of Media and Film at Queen’s University. I am an Associate Editor (social media) for The Journal of Professional Communication:

I have expertise in teaching large classes using digital, mobile and social technologies, especially: (1) video coursecasting and using iTunesU, (2) integrating Facebook and Twitter into course design, (3) using clickers in large groups to make lectures interactive, and (4) mobile learning innovations using smartphones and QR codes. I blog about teaching with technology for Macmillian Publishers at

Wearing my MatrixMediaFX hat, I help companies conceptualize, design, launch, and manage their social media marketing and communications initiatives. And I train clients’ staff on how to maintain their social platforms.

In my spare time I am busy tweeting, blogging, and public speaking about what’s new in social media and digital culture consumer trends, including social networking, gaming, and mobile technology. I’m a frequent media commentator, and my media contact page is:

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