Mobile is a fad? I don’t think so Chris Brogan

I just saw a Twitter post from Chris Brogan that said:

Now, I know that Chris is just trying to stir up some Thursday night controversy but some people might actually take this statement seriously and, well, that’s just not right.

Mobile is a “step” technology. One that will be larger and more influential than the PC and Internet eras combined, one that has already created multiple new business models and one that has changed our social landscape – taking it from the web to your hip and unleashing incredible opportunities for businesses for years to come.

Mobile has already started chomping the bits of long-standing industries – when was the last time you bought a camera for example – and is poised to become a $5 trillion industry as it slurps up the refuse of 13 industries such as credit cards, cash, the web and computers among others.

What we are seeing in the industry today are growing pains – something Mobile Marketing Association North American Managing Director Michael Becker calls primordial soup – and is to be expected as entrepreneurs work to figure this out, to innovate, to build.

So, Brogan, while I know you did this to see the response your post would receive, and not because you actually believe it, I just couldn’t help myself but to bite and state the obvious: Mobile isn’t a fad, it’s a fact.

(oh, and thanks for the inspiration, I was due for a post)

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