Is Text-to-Speech ready for prime-time? vBookz co-founder Dror Kalisky thinks so

I’m a lazy reader.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like to read, on the contrary, I love to read but just can’t seem to fit enough into my day so I am a heavy user of audio books which is why Dror Kalisky and his company, vBookz, were of great interest to me.

vBookz for iPad leverages text-to-speech technology so that any book can be read out loud and with a less “robot-like” intonation. The product also works in multiple languages right off the shelf.

Dror took some time away from his evening to talk to let us in on how they managed to get featured on Gizmodo, how they plan on making money and competing in this space and what the future holds for text-to-speech on mobile devices.


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About Dror Kalisky
Dror Kalisky
Kalisky is a serial entrepreneur with formidable experience in music, publishing, advertising and design.

His Indie music company, Sultan, Ltd, produces and represents the catalog rights of some of Israel’s leading recording artists. He is also founder of MindEx International Ltd, a private investing company that supports a variety of projects and start-ups.

Earlier in his career, Kalisky founded the Azimut BBRG Advertising Agency, Ltd, which was later acquired by Baumman Ber Rivnai Saachi & Saachi with over 30 accounts in-house.

Kalisky serves as co-founder and CEO of vBookz.

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