Hyperlocal meets Microlistings with Anttenna’s Founder, Marcus Wandell

Marcus Wandell wants you to think and buy locally.

Now, local doesn’t mean where you live, not even the city you live in. The new definition of local is, quite simply, where you are when you are looking for that thing you want to buy. It could be in front of Yankee Stadium or walking along Front Street, buying and selling in context is what Anttenna helps facilitate.

Anttenna creates a real-time, location-aware, and mobile consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer microlistings marketplace of goods and services.

Marcus talks to us about his experiences building a distributed team, his experiences around the launch of the product, working with a PR firm and how his product can help you fill an open slot on your softball team.


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About Marcus Wandell
Marcus Wandell

Marcus’ insights into cross-platform digital advertising and its opportunities for new business models was gained during his tenure at Microsoft Advertising, where he built and executed multi-million dollar online marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 clients.

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