How Voalte built an app that literally saves lives with Trey Lauderdale, Chief Innovation Office

If ever there is an industry that needs mobile it is healthcare — and in a hurry. The challenge is getting over the mental hurdle that wireless and mobile aren’t ready for the demands of the job and that the healthcare industry is full of laggards and luddites not willing to take the leap to our brave new new world.

Enter Voalte and Trey Lauderdale.

Starting with the basic premise of not inventing the killer app but making one that saves lives, focusing on a few services and doing them exceptionally well (Voalte stands of VOice, ALarm, TExt) and integrating into the existing work process is where they started.

With Trey and his great team of the helm, we explore what comes next for this next generation healthcare hero.


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About Trey Lauderdale
Trey Lauderdale
Trey’s professional career began at Florida Power & Light in the Transmissions and Distribution Business Unit. Treywent through numerous rotations at FPL and spent a great amount of time in process improvement and reliabilityplanning. During his time at FPL, he led a team to create a new statistical method for tracking power outages andtheir correlation with weather patterns in the state of Florida. In January of 2005,Trey began working at Siemens in their Sales Leadership and Development Program. At Siemens,Trey went through rotations in inside sales support, product marketing, and distribution management. At Siemens,Trey was involved in numerous business development projects and helped to create a new premier channel program for industrial automation distributors.

In 2007 Trey joined Emergin as the Areas Sales Manager of the Florida territory. Trey made an immediate impact atEmergin and was promoted within six months to Regional Sales Manager of the Southeast. Trey was one of the topbusiness development employees at Emergin and was the top revenue producer in the first and second quarter of2008. Trey left Emergin in August of 2008 to form Voalté.Trey graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering and Minors in Engineering Salesand Electrical Engineering. He earned his Masters in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida WarringtonCollege of Business where he, along with Oscar Callejas, won the top prize in the school’s Business Plan Competition.

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