How Nearverse enables location-based, context driven commerce – with CEO Boris Bogatin

Can a service, started as a great technology solution but without a clear go-to-market model, turn itself into a successful company? That’s what Nearverse is doing and they’ve focused on the right space – that which you “physically” occupy. And they’ve also focused on the right cause – enabling “in-location”-based commerce.

When Boris Bogatin and his team started the company they knew a few things – short-range wireless tech would allow them to create a much better performing system for wireless content delivery or for location ID pinpointing, the “5G of wireless” per say, but none of which had to do with being able to quantify the size of opportunity in the proximity Internet space. But they had a hunch, and as they tossed and turned in getting their service to market, they’ve honed-in almost exclusively on the fact that consumers spent more time in-location with each other and in businesses then they did anywhere else, and as such there HAD to be a large market that would develop to monetize that time, and they went full speed ahead.

The result is the Nearverse platform and service offerings such as Lokast and a great conversation with Boris about what this means for everyone just catching up to their vision.


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About Boris Bogatin
Boris Bogatin

CEO and Founder, NearVerse

Boris Bogatin founded NearVerse in 2008, with the premise of using Web 2.0 and CDN-like technology to power the proximity Internet with a significantly better performing mobile platform, after spending 10 years leading fields of wireless IP services and applications, 4G wireless networks, and CDN. Boris now leads NearVerse as the CEO, focusing on growing NearVerse into a leading proximity Internet platform provider.

Previously, Boris was the VP of Corporate Development and Technology Strategy for LightSquared, a company he helped start as a $200 million joint venture in December 2001 (then MSV) and helped grow into two, national 4G wireless service providers, LightSquared and Terrestar. Prior to MSV, Boris helped build a CDN, Cidera, and worked as a management consultant for PRTM, advising emerging technology companies on business strategies. By combining his expertise in wireless IP networks and spectrum-efficient technologies on the one hand, and in mobile Internet business models, Boris embarked to build NearVerse to deliver an innovative way to serve the mobile Internet ecosystem.

Boris graduated from the Management & Technology Program at the University of Pennsylvania, with bachelor degrees from the Wharton School in Finance and Operations Management and in Systems Engineering from Penn’s School of Engineering & Applied Science.

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