How mobile brings social to the masses with Ahead of Time founder, Monty Metzger was the official broadcast partner for the recent Mobile Innovation Week and this is one of the sessions we had while on location in Toronto.

Monty Metzger, author and trend scout for the organization he founded, Ahead of Time, talks to me about the impact of the highly personal mobile device, mobile social media trends and the predictive analytics being crunched behind the scenes.


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About Monty Metzger
Monty Metzger

Monty Metzger is an Entrepreneur, Author and Trend-Scout.

He studied Business Administration in Germany and Switzerland and specialiced early on electronic Marketing. Since Monty founded his first company in 1998 he realised inspiring projects with lasting impact. He attended the “Innovation Academy” at the Harvard Business School and is blogging at

He found the german office of a global Trend Research Consultancy and expanded the company in China. Since 2008 he is Founder & Managing Director at “Ahead of Time“, an innovation agency focusing on Emerging Technology, Mobile Media and the development of Social Media Marketing.

He is member of the advisory board of the Mobile Institute and the conference Mobile Media World in Toronto, Canada. Monty Metzger is founder of the open think tank about the future of mobile media and communication, Mocom 2020. He has just published the project related Book „Mobile Future @mocom2020: A collaborative vision of the future of mobile media“.

Furthermore he is founder and chairman of the CROSS INNOVATION ACADEMY taking place bi-annually. The CROSS INNOVATION ACADEMY is a “high-energy“ and “high-impact“ leadership event gathering a selection of the smartest, most innovative and forward-thinking people. The event is by invitation only.

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