How Instant Heart Rate got to more than 1,000,000 downloads in less than 3 months with Peter Kuhar

Will there come a day when the devices we carry around with us will be able to tell us when we are sick, when we should eat, when we should sleep or even when we need a jolt of caffeine? Certainly this is not far off now.

Peter Kuhar’s Instant Heart Rate application for Android and iPhone is a great example of a simple task that a smartphone can do. His application is really targeted at athletes or those looking for their optimum exercising heart rate but, give it some thought and you’ll see what the possibilities truly are for this application.

The app has also been downloaded and installed by just about as many people around the world as the population of the city he lives in – over 1 million downloads in 3 months which is a pretty amazing stat and something that only this industry can provide.


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About Peter Kuhar
Peter Kuhar

From a small country of Slovenia ( and grew up in an even smaller town called Sevnica (, where I spent most of my formative years building stuff in my fatherʼs garage.

I still return there occasionally to work on my motorbike. In 2000, at the age of 18, I moved to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana (, to study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (; something that I always say Iʼll finish someday.

I started playing around with mobiles in around the same year, first with WAP (, then with Palm PC (from Microsoft), and later with Pocket PC, which evolved into Windows Mobile; this mostly involved AMR ( applications.

In around 2006, at my previous employer, Halcom d.d. (, we started working on a mobile payment solution with WPKI. We got as far as the pilot stage, but after a good two years my patience with corporate politics (a lot of third parties needed to agree to make m-payment work) ran out, and I started my own company, Modula d.o.o. (, where I design electronics and develop mostly embedded software for various devices.

Instant Heart Rate “materialized” in a mobile form in May 2010 as an entry for a competition by Simobil (a mobile provider in Slovenia). At the end of July, I undertook a complete rewrite, incorporating improvements learned from the previous version, renamed it Instant Heart Rate and posted it in the Android Market. Less then three months later, it hit 1 million downloads. On 2nd October, the iPhone 4 version was launched on the App Store.

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