50 Million app reviews and counting: How Chomp.com is highlighting the long tail of mobile applications through their discovery engine – with Founder & CEO, Ben Keighran

Having 300,000 mobile applications in the AppStore (and counting) seems impressive until you start wading through the layers and layers of applications looking for something you want or, if you are a developer of one of those applications, getting your app in front of the buyer. A challenge to be sure.

Enter Ben Keighran and his team at Chomp.com. Chomp is an app discovery engine that allows you to search for apps based on context and recommendations from your social graph. Discovery is the key here and Chomp does a great job categorizing the apps that are out there, making it easy to actually search for apps that don’t have categories on the AppStore.

Ben understands mobile app discovery and his company is a classic entrepreneurial play – finding severe limitations in an existing service and building a business to fill that hole.


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About Ben Keighran
Ben Keighran

Ben Keighran is an Australian born internet entrepreneur based in San Francisco.

He is currently the CEO & Co-Founder of Chomp (www.chompapps.com) and is Lead advisor for mobile products at Aardvark and an advisor to Clixtr.

Background: Ben taught himself programming at the age of 10 and started an electronic bulletin board called The Zone at the age of 12. The Zone had more than 1000 people dialing into his parents home phone line each week and was one of Sydney, Australia’s most popular BBSs.

In 2006, Ben launched Bluepulse, a mobile social messaging application that users could download directly to any internet enabled mobile phone. The service allowed users to share pictures, videos, status updates and have group conversations with friends. It was downloaded more than 2mm times in the first month it launched and was known as the most downloaded java application ever.

Coming from Australia, Ben raised $6.5mm from Vantage Point Venture Partners to build Bluepulse and was then later nominated by Business Week as one of America’s top Entrepreneur’s under the age of 25. Ben grew Bluepulse to be a point where users were exchanging 300mm messages per month and then exited the business in 2008. He has had no involvement since then.

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