Geotoko: Defining real-time location based analytics at the same time the industry develops — With Adarsh Pallian

Molten lava. That’s how I would describe the location-based marketing industry right now. Always shifting, never stable and certainly not clearly defined as of yet.

It is often from this type of environment that great companies are born – the ones that take a risk, set a direction and build as the industry around them crystallizes. Geotoko may just be one of those companies and Adarsh Pallian has the right approach in building the products that are core to its success – make them easy to use and useful!

Adarsh takes us on a tour from idea, to being roasted by Robert Scoble at TechCrunch Disrupt, to beta, to launch and revenue in a very short 45 minutes. What they are doing is important to validate the location-based industry and this should be a must watch/listen for everyone who is making a living in this space or using these tools to help others make a living.

Smart guy. Great idea. Right time.


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About Adarsh Pallian
Adarsh Pallian

Adarsh Pallian is the Co-founder and CEO of Geotoko. Adarsh is a serial entrepreneur with over twelve years of experience as a software developer and UXP designer. Previously, Adarsh co-founded (acquired by Stocktwits) and Tweetizen. Adarsh also runs Pallian Creative, an interactive digital agency based in Vancouver with clients that include Starbucks, Sony Music and Music World Entertainment.

Adarsh speaks at numerous tech conferences and has been quoted on Techcrunch, Mashable, The Huffington Post, The Financial Post, Fast Company and recently on Canadian national TV CBC.

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