Changing the application development business model by making it accessible to web developers with Sam Abadir from and is a pioneer when it comes to streaming radio stations to your smartphone but would you believe that’s not their big play?

Enter FlyCast has been a great experiment for this new 3rd-party application development ecosystem for web developers looking to build cross-platform mobile applications.

Sam Abadir and his team at FlyCast have been working on this plan for some time and have just recently launched this product to great response.

Sam walks us through the development and lessons learned from and goes deep into the AppMobi business model in this candid session.


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About Sam Abadir
Sam AbadirSam Abadir is Founder and CTO of FlyCast, Inc, a company providing SaaS based solutions for developing and deploying mobile smart device applications. Sam’s focus on this area comes from his background as an IP lawyer and former IT consultant in the media space.

Prior to FlyCast, Sam held a “futurist” role with Concurrent Computer Corp. evaluating the legal and technological landscape in the Video-On-Demand (VOD) market. Concurrent is a prominent VOD vendor with over 40% market share providing technology to such customers as Comcast and Time Warner and Sam’s system designs and intellectual property work are currently in use in millions of cable video-on-demand subscriber homes.

An entrepreneur at heart, Sam founded Zelo Technologies in 1999 a NYC based software company providing cloud infrastructure technology for storing and managing very large digital files with customers that included Time Warner, Toys R Us, and GF Studios to name a few. Sam also previously co-founded LiquidSite, an award winning rich-media advertising technology company.

Among Sam’s more notable technical achievements are the first advanced animation cross-browser DHTML JavaScript libraries (in 1999), the first live streaming media served to iPhones (February 2008), envisioneer of the FlyCast app which has over 3 Million downloads on multiple platforms, the first in-video content and advertising personalization technology in the VOD industry, the design of the “Reliable Real-Time Transport Protocol” in use in cable VOD systems of Comcast and Time Warner, and the leading the vendor implementation of the A24 guide for cable set-top boxes.

Sam graduated from MIT in 1994 with Bachelor degrees in Operations Management and in Mathematics and earned his JD with Distinction from Iowa University College of Law in 1996.

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