Building a business by consistently solving a short term user pain with Andrey Butov, CEO of Antair

Andrey Butov hates the rat trap.

There is a great passage from Dan Ariely’s new book, The Upside of Irrationality, where an employee of a company gets very frustrated about the effort he puts into a document that gets handed off and discarded to the trash without a second thought. Andrey has lived this while working for large organizations, sending his hard-worked code up the chain where a decision 100 levels up seals the fate of the effort.

Not knowing if the code lives or dies or has an impact is deflating to developers so he took his show on the road and created Antair — where he is in control of what software gets released and knows the feedback from the users he sells to.

In this session, Andrey opens up to me about the lessons he’s learned while developing what have become essential utilities for BlackBerry. He’s opinionated, intelligent, experienced and has brought 6 products to market (plus, he invented the iPad game, Sneezies to boot!)

If you are a BlackBerry developer, new or old, this is someone who has lived it and you can learn from him, right here.


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About Andrey Butov
Andrey Butov

Andrey has worked at small and large Wall Street firms, including Goldman Sachs, as a software developer – writing trading systems and related technology code — mostly C++.

He founded Antair in January of 2005. Bootstrapped. Profitable. Hedging the mobile platform through “platform arbitration”, of sorts — having software for platforms other than mobile in order to eliminate the dependencies.

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