How mobile is the natural extension to all aspects of media with Tagga Media CEO, Amielle Lake was the official broadcast partner for the recent Mobile Innovation Week and this is one of the sessions we had while on location in Toronto.

Amielle Lake and her company, Tagga Media help their clients extend their marketing efforts into the mobile world. They do this through a self-service platform that allows them to create and deploy a range of mobile marketing campaigns without having to manage carriers, hire specialized staff, or invest in hefty upfront fees for carriers and staff

Amielle is articulate, knowledgeable and passionate about this industry and a real pleasure to sit down and learn from!


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About Amielle Lake
Amielle Lake

Prior to founding Tagga, Amielle was a marketing and corporate development executive active in the investment, mining and software market sectors for the previous 10 years. Her expertise is in working with small companies to develop marketing and growth plans and then devise means to capitalize them. Specific career milestones include working with Shell, Google and Microsoft to develop and deliver a range of marketing initiatives that included sponsorship programs, events and general PR content. As well, Amielle has raised close to $5,000,000 dollars in equity financing, government grants and sponsorship initiatives. Amielle is also a published author. Macmillan Palgrave Inc published her first book, The Elephant Hunters in 2008.

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