with Asif Khan


TWiLBM #191: The in-experience store episode

Welcome to episode #191. On the show: Bonnaroo's beacon results; Heineken's @wherenext twitter service; Clear Channel launches their "Connect" platform; Petpace tracks the health of your pet; AdNear teams up with Mindshare for location targeting in Asia; Samsung launches "CentreStage" in BestBuy; Marriott launches LocalPerks; Birchbox opens up a real-life store in SoHo; Hermes' Fox Den window display; The Sensing Umbrella. Special guest is Henry Lawson of Autograph (the company that installed beacons in every store on Regent St)


with Chuck Martin


MCM #346: Is inventory the new location for retailers?

One of the allures of online and mobile shopping is that there is almost always a sure guarantee the product will be in inventory. You may have to wait a day or two for it to get to your doorstep but odds are the thing you order will be delivered. Not so for traditional retail stores. There is nothing more frustrating than finding the product you want, making your way to the store only to find it isn't available at that location. Inventory is becoming an important lever in retail behind experience and price and one company, Retailigence, is making sure you get the product you want when you want it.


with Greg Hickman


with Peggy-Anne Salz


MAM #004: Why you should start using push notifications in your app

Continuing on our look at mobile dominant economies we turn our attention to South Korea in this episode. With 28 million iOS and Android devices and mobile consumer base addicted to apps, South Korea is a nation that cannot be ignored by mobile app developers seeking to expand their reach. Peggy highlights the most important tactics to entering the market and some of the pitfalls you should avoid entering the market as well as in your app.
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