with Asif Khan


TWiLBM #189: Colgate kicks cavities in Myanmar

Welcome to episode #188. On the show: Top news stories including Lego's Fusion, Chaotic Moon's intern tracking software, Ubisense's new MyWorld Platform, ShopperTrak lands Journeys for location analytics, Lucchese taps Experticity for employee training, JCDecaux augments cell signals at bus stops in Amsterdam, Audi lights up the World Cup, Garrett Camp hires well to build, HouseTab tries social and payments together and Slight is launched. Our special guest is Patrick Leddy of Pulsate.


with Chuck Martin


MCM #339: Don’t worry, we are all still anonymous shoppers

We all know that retail has taken a licking as a result of the mobile revolution. It has been the punching bag for upstarts and analysts, it has been chided in all media, it has become subservient to the almighty consumer, it has quite simply lost its mojo. For every glimmer of hope that the retail industry has caught on, has embraced its new lord, has turned a corner, reality hits home time and again. A new study by Boston Retail Partners reiterates this cycle and shows retailers are still in a state of denial. Chuck summarizes here but to give you a quick snapshot, of the retailers surveyed, only 3% can identify the mobile shopper when they walk in their store...we are all still anonymous - not by accident but by negligence.


with Rob Woodbridge


The Take #10: Stop giving away your data…it’s worth money

How many times each and every day are you asked for some little piece of information that is near and dear to your heart? Ok, maybe not near and dear but data that is about you. 5? 10? How many times do you give it up without thinking? What do you think happens to that data about you that is just collected?


with Peggy-Anne Salz


MAM #003: How to make a mark with your mobile app in South Korea

Continuing on our look at mobile dominant economies we turn our attention to South Korea in this episode. With 28 million iOS and Android devices and mobile consumer base addicted to apps, South Korea is a nation that cannot be ignored by mobile app developers seeking to expand their reach. Peggy highlights the most important tactics to entering the market and some of the pitfalls you should avoid entering the market as well as in your app.
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